I'm just going to hang my jacket over it

I'm just going to hang my jacket over it

We are watching you watching us

Imagine someone staring at your face for hours, straining to see the slightest indication that you are a terrorist. Blinking too much? Or not enough? Sweating on a cold day?

Now imagine a computerised face-analysis system on an aeroplane, with one camera for each seat.

I think I'd go all squirrelly if a security camera was pointed directly at me for the entire duration of a long-haul flight. Hell, even for the short trip to Dublin.

But this is exactly the proposal now on the table as airlines step up the paranoia another notch. If you thought it was just the Americans who want to scrutinise your nose-blowing method, you'd be wrong. According to security expert Bruce Schneier the EU is already testing the system.

Maybe we should just be done with it and have those chips implanted now.