Hitler's Irish sister-in-law?

Hitler's Irish sister-in-law?

The Telegraph reports on a new book chronicling the history of a family with the worst surname in History (take a guess). After disappearing 60 years ago, the Hitlers have finally been traced to a Long Island home in New York state.

The fascinating detail I latched onto was that Hitler's half-brother Alois had lived in Ireland. It turns out that Alois Hitler Jnr had left home at age 14 and, after some spells in jail, moved to Dublin where he worked in the Shelbourne Hotel.

While posing as a rich hotelier, he met Bridget Dowling at the Dublin Horse Show and eloped with her to London. The Irish part of the story would have ended there, except that Adolf came to live with the couple for a few months in 1912.

Bridget claims (in a book that lay unpublished for 40 years) that she introduced Adolph to astrology and more importantly influenced the shape of his infamous mustache. Thanks for that Bridget!()

It reminds me of another Irish connection to historical iconography, that of Jim Fitzpatrick and his poster design from 1968. Little did he know how deeply this obscure tribute would become ingrained in 20th Century folk consciousness, or how often it would be recycled and cannibalized.

In other news, here is a trailer for Iron Sky, a film with the most ridiculous conceit for a plot I've heard in ages: 'In 1945 the Nazis went to the moon–In 2018, they are coming back!' Insane, but I love it.


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