No.1: It's been a long time coming

No.1: It's been a long time coming

We're number one! At last: we're the best in the world at something!

A Redditor posted the observation that people seem to use the word 'porn' in their Google search terms more often at the weekends than mid-week. That's hardly surprising I suppose; personal web traffic is always higher at the weekend in any case.

But what did strike me as odd was the little chart at the bottom left–try it out yourself.

Google Trends: porn

I've got a screen grab in case the ranking changes.


Yes, folks. Us Irish folks are currently beating everyone in the ENTIRE world when it comes to searching for porn. I hope we don't choke (except the chicken) in the second half, we've been working up to this position for the last five years. It's been a real team effort but the grueling typing and sheer hard graft has finally paid off.

Here are the results of the yearly ranking (which rhymes with ___).

2004 – 3rd
2005 – 5th
2006 – 5th
2007 – 2nd
2008 – 1st (first six months)

I'd ask all comers to keep their eye on the ball during the next six months. Take yourself in hand. I know we can pull it off together.