Hey Ratzo, take me off your list

You may not be aware of this, but you are a Roman Catholic. Right here in merry old Limerick the Catholic population is over 95%. That's right, from a reported city population of 167,000, only a mere 7,000 are non-Catholic. That's just one week's attendance at the University Concert Hall. Does that sound about right? Hmm.

'But wait,' you say, 'I left all that old guff behind years ago. I haven't been to mass since the seventies and I hates them auld priests.' Yes, chum, but you're still on the books. And that means the Vatican is right now applying for grants, services, and special treatment in your name. They're throwing their weight around because of the sheer volume of Catholics-by-birth-only whose names appear once in a dusty old church register somewhere.

That and, of course, *sigh* the depressing problem of the census results. I'm not going to pretend I can look into the hearts of all those fine citizens who filled in their bit of paper back in 2006, but I have to suspect that when asked to supply their 'Religion' a great many souls fell back on the habit of a lifetime and responded 'Catholic' without really thinking it through. In addition, they possibly got married in a church not realising there could be any other option, too afraid to even try for one–there is a paralysing apathy when it comes to stepping outside religion for the important moments in life.

So now my friend, join us in the new secular Ireland, rid yourself of the bondage; pagan yourself up a bit. You can absent yourself formally from the Pope's Children courtesy of the Actus Formalis Defectionis ab Ecclesia Catholica mentioned in canons 1086, § 1, 1117 and 1124 of the Code of Canon Law.

UPDATE: This blogger details one such Irish defection: Leaving the catholic church, its easier than you think! Good man, yerself.