More shenanigans over Flight 77

More shenanigans over Flight 77

You may remember back in September we had that piece about the passenger manifests of Flight 77 (the aeroplane that supposedly that hit the Pentagon on 9/11).

In that article I tried to show how dodgy that whole deal was by picking a person's name at random and investigating their background. You might want to refresh your memory by reading that article again.

It now appears that by some coincidence, I picked a doozy. Robert Ploger. Yesterday I was re-reading an old article about how neither the passenger list nor the autopsy report showed any evidence of Arabs having been on board 77, despite which the F.B.I. immediately published photos of Arab hijackers, based on…what exactly?

Well, it seems, nothing. Either these guys were suspects in other cases, people who were known to be (or soon to be!) dead, or just random Arab dudes with pilot's licenses. They really should have done their homework better, since at least seven of them have turned up alive since.

I also noticed something odd. Our friend Ploger and his wife were not on the original manifest provided by American Airlines and reported by CNN. They were added at a later date BY THE F.B.I., whose lists of names we should begin to doubt by now.

Why would the F.B.I. know better than A.A. who was on that flight? We've all seen how anally retentive airlines are about passenger lists and matching boarding cards with passports and tickets.

My original point was that it's quite difficult to find any aspect of this case that is innocently straightforward, everything seems to have a sinister link.

The only other person the F.B.I. mysteriously added to the list was Sandra Teague, a physical therapist on holidays. Finally, you say, relieved by her ordinariness, no military connection there. Hmm, but wasn't her fiancé a certain Frank Huffman, an active naval reservist whose office overlooked the Pentagon?

You don't suppose he might also be the son of Lt. Col. Frank Huffman, USMCR (Ret.), a research analyst for the Center for Emerging Threats and Opportunities (CETO)? An organisation:

established in December 2000 to identify emerging non-traditional threats, explore concepts,
and determine capabilities and solutions to meet these future challenges

A timely assignment, I'd say. The web of intrigue stretches pretty wide, this is just one more strand.