Possible change of URL to natural.selections?

Usually whenever ICANN (the managers of all top-level domains) announces a new frontier, the Gold Rush begins immediately.

We all remember when the .EU domain names were launched and legions of cybersquatters fell over each other to buy DUNNESSTORES.EU and BROWNTHOMAS.EU in order to sell them back to their rightful owners. In one such speculation, a single enthusiastic Chinese lady purchased more than10,000 of them.

Though some had heard of .EDU, .ORG and .GOV, for a great many years good old .COM reigned supreme with .NET coming in a sloppy second.

Of course those of us living outside the U.S. were well aware that each country had its own designated two-letter top-level domain abbreviation.()

Now internet addresses seem to be headed for the biggest shake up yet as users will be able to register common names after the dot. People, places, things and abstract notions are all up for grabs as webmasters will be allowed to purchase addresses ending in .books, .coolness, .thomas, .anything.

Aside from the serious commercial repercussions of this new facility, many thousands of savvy jokers are secretly hoping to pounce on the Holy Grail of random internet names.


Click the link if you don't know why this is so popular.


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