Film Stars I'd Have A Beer With...(1)

Film Stars I'd Have A Beer With…(1)

No, it's my round!

Hey there, Mr Hollywood. If you're ever in Limerick City, Ireland don't just sit around in your suite at the SAS Radisson (on the way to Shannon airport), bored out of your mind, eating mini-bar pistachios and watching bad TV. Give Mr Darwin a call.

Well, only if you're on my newly laminated list. Starting today, I'm running a tab in the local for a select few thespians. Here's the first one.

John Cusack
Seems like a decent chap. He's borderline A-list material nowadays but he hasn't always had it easy, those 80's brat pack movies shone brightly but boy they faded fairly fast. Within five short years (1983-88) he starred in Class, Sixteen Candles, Grandview USA, The Sure Thing, Better Off Dead, and One Crazy Summer.

Then in 1989 came Say Anything where his character, the quirky misfit anti-hero, finally grew up and left high school, but it seemed like he had nowhere to go.

Despite great turns in The Grifters and Bullets Over Broadway, it was not until the darkly comic Grosse Pointe Blank arrived in 1997 that was he re-launched into public consciousness as an unlikely anti-action-hero. The same year he hit blockbuster status with Con-Air, and pleased the literary crowd with Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Since then he has been writing his own ticket, and sometimes his own script as with War, Inc. He's done art movies, actioners, broad comedies, horror, you name it.

In common with Darwin, he also blogs occasionally (for the Huffington Post) and regularly voices his opposition to the war in Iraq and the policies of G.W.Bush, but not so much that you say Shut Up, You Rich Celeb.

Despite his impressive credits (Being John Malcovitch, The Thin Red Line, etc.) he has only been nominated for a Golden Globe once (High Fidelity), and never for an Oscar. Is he really not as good as Cuba Gooding Jr or Marisa Tomei?

Just one more thing to discuss over a tall frosty one.