Freakish singers who will slacken your jaw

We made mention previously of Steve Balsamo's efforts on Jesus Christ Superstar, and of Ronnie James Dio's work on just about everything he's done. Their musicality is unquestioned, but it was their traffic-stopping ability that was being lauded at the time.

We have since come across a couple of contenders for the title of Possessor of the Most Startling Vocal Technique. Here's Nick Pitera singing the insipid Disney tune A Whole New World. At about 1m:00s in however, it starts to get interesting.

And this is a Russian dude called Vitas (about whom circulate some vocal surgery rumours) singing an otherwise pedestrian piece called Opera #2. As above, the fun starts at around 1m:00s.

I would certainly not be surprised if I learned of a secret gonad alteration or two having been performed on Mr Vitas. Moving from carnival freaks to the talent store, let's wrap up with Sammy Davis Jr doing a multitude of excellent impressions. Here the fun begins at 0m:00s. Enjoy!