Metal commodities on the rise (literally)

Metal commodities on the rise (literally)

Georgian Limerick

Part of an ongoing theme here at Natural Selections is that the economy is based on nothing but a promise to pay. Money is debt, and that's worse than having nothing at all, at all.

A recent report in USA Today points up the fact that paper money is starting to look ever more unattractive to the average Joe, with digital funds even more repulsive. All your life's effort in the factories, restaurants, cubicles and farms could be wiped out by the backroom antics of a few cigar-chomping elites or slick frat boy risk-takers.

To this end, a spate of robberies State-side is threatening to become an epidemic as people realise that metal is quite valuable. Where to find a nice hunk of iron? Why public manhole covers of course!

One hopes this trend won't find its way to these shores as I'm quite fond of the railings which line rows of Georgian houses within the Conservation Area of our Treaty City, in the centre of which lies Darwin's demesne.