Pick Me, Trite Ham Recital

In response to Bock's clever Palindromic Play,I thought I'd post a little ditty that I wrote ages ago for Impact Theatre Limerick. It's about an actor auditioning, preparing, and performing a role. I also have too much time on my hands. Obviously.

Pick me, trite ham recital!


Time I milk pet character,

pet trick. I am the miracle

petit chimerical market.

Let them make a critic rip

me, like cathartic permit.


Ticket price alarm hit me.

I met hermetical Patrick-

title matchmaker- 'I price

them like arctic primate'

(thicker climate primate?)


Arithmetic temper, I lack

mirth—I let practice make

me her implicit attacker.


Me, like tramp architect, I

create thick lip mime art:

the trilemma caprice kit.


I heckle, titter, maim, crap,

make them critical tripe.

I mimic rattletrap cheek.

trick the tame empirical

map, like that mere critic.


I limit heptameter crack,

mark it telepathic crime:

the karmic time particle.


Critical theme-park time.

Checkmate: prim literati!

I attempt cliché remark, I

met rich picket material.


Til’ a mere thematic prick

(pathetic Marmite licker,

prime ticket, metal chair)

chime, irritate. Kept calm.


Maim that erectile prick—

permit him celtic karate!

Article: Mark M. Epithetic

(Impact Theatre Limerick)