Film Stars I'd Have A Beer With...(2)

Film Stars I'd Have A Beer With…(2)

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I remember about 10 years ago or more, Bill Murray did some stand-up gigs during the Cat Laughs Festival in Kilkenny.

During his act, he mentioned quite conversationally that he was delighted to finally visit Ireland, since his family were Irish, and like all Irish-Americans he wanted to trace his family's roots.

After some days investigation led him to a small dimly lit pub somewhere in the West of Ireland , he had finally caught up with one of the oldest members of his clan, a man known simply as 'The Murray.'

'Hi, I'm Bill,' said Bill. 'From America. Bill Murray? See, I'm a Murray too. It's great to meet you.'

The wizened old man looked up from his pint with an expression of irritation.

'Murray??!,' says he, 'Don't be talking to me! Sure that's only the name the English gave you. It's yer slave name,' he spat. 'You have a real name that carries with it all the power of our ancient language. At its very mention, men will become fearful, and women excited.'

With that he took a pen and wrote the name on a slip of paper, folded it up and slid it across the bar to Bill…

It was at this point in his retelling on stage that Bill reached into his pocket and produced the same piece of paper, to audible gasps from the crowd.

'Here it is. I sure hope I can pronounce it correctly: "Uu-likk-Ma-gee."() And it works! I said loudly it in the pub last night; the men were afraid, and yes the women got very excited indeed.'


So, whenever you pass through Limerick, Bill there's a pint waiting for you in the local.


  1. Ulick McGee is a common joke name in Ireland which connotes cunnilingus, no relation to Aer Lingus [back ↩]