Seas of Plastic Rapture

What is the largest man-made object in the world? You're thinking Great Wall of China? Pyramids of Giza? Wrong. It's the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Have a look at part 4 of this report from California.

The NPSG is a huge whirling vortex of discarded plastic items from around the world, endlessly circling the oceans, accreting itself with tons of new material everyday. It's one of the 'natural' end results of our relentless consumerist attitude to global resources and the environment. Quite simply, it's the most disgusting thing every to have been created on the planet in the history of humankind.

And it's twice the size of Texas (so far). Yuk.

A single plastic water bottle thrown overboard could break down into enough small fragments to place one on every beach in the world. Inevitably, these plastic bits are finding their way into the food chain. Dutch scientists studying seabirds found 98% had ingested bits of plastic–on average 31 pieces!

Chaps, this is just one more rung on an insane ladder to the absolute destruction of our species, probably after we've taken most of the others with us. The Earth would of course eventually recover (in a few thousand years) if we were to disappear right now, but is that likely? Only via nuclear war.

Perhaps not all that likely, but it is certainly hoped for by some people, notably the Christian Fundamentalist groups in the USA. Those denominations which subscribe to the idea of The Rapture (including G.W.B.'s crowd) would welcome the return of the Saviour, regardless of the price tag of global destruction.

If you're not familiar with The Rapture, I don't blame you, European churches for the most part haven't troubled themselves with it for hundreds of years. Sadly, I must confess a young Irish colleen named Margaret MacDonald is responsible for the rise of pre-tribulation rapture doctrine.

It's basically all about the End Times, Armageddon, and Revelations. If you're a nice white American Christian Fundamentalist you ascend into Heaven on the Last Day, (note: a handy email service will inform friends of your good fortune, and consequently their damnation as) those sinners 'Left Behind' will face Hell on Earth. This cheery vision has spawned a series of awful novels, movies and video games by those devout souls who wish to make a quick buck before Doomsday arrives.

To show how seriously this malarkey is taken, just watch this cruel prank rapture video.

A common rapture motto is 'Even so, come Lord Jesus.' Given the above scenario, my own entreaty to J.C. would be 'Take your time, bud. Stall on a while.'