Students' solemn belief in fairies questioned

Students' solemn belief in fairies questioned

Not on my lawn, thanks.

It's about time that established and respected centres of learning (like the University of California) took a stand against the 'politically correct' tolerance of extreme ignorance.

In addition, a federal judge has agreed with the stance taken by the college, and that's genuinely a cause for celebration–the law following logic instead of populism.

Basically, U.C. has decided that courses in applied bollixology at places like Bob Jones University (which hired Karl Rove as head of Political Science, and famously opposed interracial dating) are retrograde steps in a students education and should count for less than squat on an application.

Thank God this is finally happening. If only their degrees could be marked with an asterisk too–I wonder what that would do to all the BJU alumni that swell the ranks of the Bush administration.