Ryanair shoots own foot for cash

Ryanair shoots own foot for cash

Ignore Firefox at your peril

Ryanair have decided that, rather than continue using the old reliable Java platform for their route map, they will now use Microsoft's proprietary Silverlight application. Microsoft developer and blogger Ronan Geraghty announced this cheerfully last month, with words like 'cross-browser, cross-platform,' while knowing full well the adverse cross-traffic it had been experiencing with Firefox 3 Beta.

Of course, depending on your plugins, configuration and version, Silverlight may actually work under Firefox, but it's enough of a problem to cause many users a headache.

If Silverlight doesn't work for you and you want to try a workaround/fix that I have filed under: 'not enough hours in the day to bother with this kind of nonsense,' you could do worse than Tim Heuer's answer.

Firefox has about 30% market share across Europe, even rising to 46% in some countries, so this change will undoubtedly cause many users grief; this is bad business karma.

It is enterprising but unwise of Mr O'Leary to turn his product's 'brochure' into a product itself by a paid endorsement of a Microsoft product.

This, along with Ryanair's slamming the door on aggregator or 'scraping' sites, shows a naivety about the internet that is surprising for the busiest travel site in Europe, and the (approximately) 1200th most popular site on the entire web.

I hope they sort it out in time for my holidays. For now, I may just have to, horror of horrors, dust off the old Internet Explorer that I keep solely for visiting microsoft.com.