Punishment for leaving: death

If you are in any doubt as to the danger Islam (or if you insist Radical, Fundamentalist Islamism) poses to the freethinking people of the world, witness this clip from Al-Risala TV in Saudi Arabia.

Egyptian author and journalist Gamal Al-Bana, although a moderate extremist (what?) tries to suggest that people can act their own conscience in matters of religion. He is hugely out of step with the young audience of this talk show as you will see.

His opposite in the debate sees things more clearly.

It is the only reasonable and convincing religion. [If a person is not convinced] Then there is something wrong in his head. Anybody who is insane should go to a metal asylum or else, if he is insane, his head should be removed so that it does not contaminate the heads of others.

This is far from Pat Kenny I assure you, as the host seems to have a great personality and rapport with guests.