Don't make a maniac outta me

Don't make a maniac outta me

A vintage 45 cover

Crooner and My Way composer Paul Anka returned to the popular consciousness recently with his excellently conceived Rock Swings collection–where he performed popular classics such as Wonderwall and Teen Spirit in the Rat Pack style.

Of course, the concept can be traced directly to Richard Cheese, king of the lounge re-interpreters, nonetheless it was Anka who took it to the world stage.

However, Anka had gained internet notoriety with the hip crowd prior to the Rock Swings album due to an illicit recording of him berating his band backstage after a troubled gig.

It's now become a meme with musicians worldwide, and phrases from the tirade are bandied back and forth regularly at rehearsals from Las Vegas to Donegal.

Even Al Pacino's character in Ocean's 13 spouts a few of the famous lines from time to time.

The only place to listen to the full diatribe is at Noisetank: "…a whole new integrity kick!" The 45 single covers are here.

It's funny to hear the usually polite and placid Anka blowing his top like this, but in fact everything he says is justified and warranted.

Unlike legendary drummer Buddy Rich's tape from the tour bus where he challenges his musicians to a fight, and I think he even fires a guy for having a beard.