Blister blunder boils blood badly

Blister blunder boils blood badly

I'm sure you need no introduction to the terrifying world of the Blister Pack. I come across these quite often in the packaging of computer parts and electronic components, not to mention anything purchased in the Two Euro Shop.

My implement of attack is usually a small Stanley craft knife with a retractable segmented blade.

Very slow flick knife

This is flimsy enough at the best of times, but occasionally a blade segment will snap off under a bit of pressure. I'd considered using a standard Stanley knife (I may even have one in a toolbox somewhere) but the rickety side-to-side play in the blade is annoying.

So, knowing nothing much about knives, I asked a friend of mine who works as a building contractor to pick up a decent pocket-sized lock knife with a small folding blade.

The results were cruelly predictable.

Sealed forever in irony

If I ever manage to open it, I know what I'm slashing first.