Equation: sense < money

I laughed at the $100 cable, God forgive me I did. When I read about it

'…delivering gorgeous tone and high resolution. As well, the feel is fantastic, with notes having just the right amount of give…with a near perfect ratio of punch, volume, mids, sweet highs and transparency…'

I laughed myself silly. I'd come across it by accident and immediately sent it to a fellow musician who then spotted a review that claimed that the cable

'…performs as well and better than cables twice its price.'

But cheap crap like that melts in comparison to real quality like Pear Cable – Anjou Speaker Cables. How much would you pay for home audio speaker cables? You know, just to go from the hi-fi amp over to the speakers. Think of the most ridiculous number and triple it, then multiply by 20. These babies go for $7,800 a pair! Who's laughing now?

Thank God for skeptics like The Amazing Randi, whose JREF has widened their usual psychic/paranormal $1m challenge to include audiophile hyperbole like this. I enjoy trawling his forum to read about the latest hilarious applicants and their absurd demands for testing conditions.

I've admired James Randi for more than twenty years and I think his philosophy is practical and inclusive, without being argumentative or dense. To paraphrase: Love wonder, but be wary of the supernatural. Trust your senses, but put faith only in the scientific method.

His conversation with Richard Dawkins below is charming, and at the end shows his remarkably open attitude to the Randi challenge.