You can put lipstick on a wolf...(and then just blow it's head off)

You can put lipstick on a wolf…(and then just blow it's head off)

Palin's BBQ

Judging by the response to yesterday's post, it appears that you have not yet had enough Sarah Palin stories. Well, if that is indeed the case you might enjoy this one.

We here at N.S. headquarters go to the ends of the Earth to turn up juicy tales of outrageous Palinism (actually it's not that hard, she's a pretty soft target).

When she's not joining the oil companies in their heroic struggle to remove polar bears from the list of threatened species, Sarah likes to relax by shooting timber wolves from a Cessna plane.

That's right, you heard me. This is a little more extreme than our coursing and fox hunting problems here in Ireland.

John Dolan over at The Exiled clarifies:

For most of us, the idea of zooming around in a private airplane over snowbound wilderness just for the chance to spot a terrified wild dog and blow it apart with a high-powered rifle is insane.

But for Sarah Palin it's simply a great day out. She retorted that those who objected

to the idea of divebombing wildlife didn’t “understand rural Alaska.”

So enamoured is she with this jolly pastime that she has campaigned against an initiative banning the 'sport' with $400,000 of state money. Wow.

Her efforts are in lock-step with a hunting organisation called Safari Club International. Patriots to a man, their stated goals of wildlife preservation provide little more than a transparent fig-leaf for their more important objective: protecting their 'hunting heritage,' i.e. freedom to assassinate fellow mammals with big guns as often as their blood-lust might require.

You can read John's excellent in-depth article here.

Or if all this gore turns you on, you can take your kids hunting in Alaska since there's no age restriction there.