No Police brutality here

I was at the 'The Police' concert in Croke Park on Saturday. Now, I'm not a fan of driving to Dublin and back just to be herded about in a massive crowd, but I must say this show was well worth it, in fact, it was spectacular. And unlike the U2 gig, the sound was excellent and their light show beats anything I've seen before.

The performances were spot on too. Though Summers looked a little frail at times, understandable at 65 y.o., he didn't miss a note. Sting had turned 56 a couple of days earlier but looked more like a healthy 42–the benefits of yoga, vegetarianism, and tantric sex, I suppose. His voice was also in top form, with no cheating on Roxanne, and he moved like he could have played another gig back-to-back with this one.

Unfortunately, he's since had to cancel a few gigs in Europe due to a cold (it was a really foggy night, remember).

So how did the band get on with each other? The vibe on stage was hard to read, at times it looked like Sting was trying to goad Andy during his solos, at others they appeared to be joking together. It was certainly unsettled. After the final encore, it seemed that Andy wanted to put his arm around Sting but Stewart got in the way. Strange.

I've written about Sting at length before, and discussed in detail what are known as his 'pretentious lyrics', but I'm truly stunned by a new Blender article which names him the worst lyricist ever. Personally, I should consider it an odious task, love him or loath him, to try to name a more literate lyricist than Sting.

Thankfully, Blender manages to embarrass itself by naming, as runners-up, writers of such calibre as Carly Simon, Bernie Taupin, and Paul McCartney, who, though they have all disgraced themselves on occasion, have also added immeasurably to the richness of the pop music genre.

I'm reminded of a poll from a couple of years ago which named Ob-La-Di, Od-La-Da the worst song ever. This tribute to Jamaican ska has a cheerful energy, a raucously catchy chorus, silly but fun lyrics (and features advanced studio techniques such as varispeed, overdubs, and compression). And I love it. Worst song ever? Can you think of a better one by: Nickelback, Matchbox 20, Ginger Spice, or Donny Osmond? They've all had Platinum selling albums, why not pick on them?

By the way, Fictionplane (anagram of Infant Police?) fronted by Sting Jr., Joe Sumner, were the support act on the night. He is, as they say, the absolute dead spit of the old man.