September in October, thanks to idiots

We now live in the Eternal September.

When the Usenet was just a small sophisticated group of university aficionados, the influx of new users every September was seen as a temporary irritation, another crop of newbies who had to learn standards and netiquette. Within a month or so, everything was back to normal.

But then the apocalypse arrived: AOL. In 1993, millions of unschooled freshmen (i.e. the public) arrived on the Usenet scene courtesy of the great Satan that is America On-Line. Usenet was ruined for ever.

A new hobby project is seeking to find a cure for this blight, to turn back the clock to October 1993, to purge the interwebs of n00bz 4evar. The plan is to find idiotic phrasing (such as I've just used) and eliminate it from 'your' internet.

A page described simply as Concentrated Stupid demonstrates the targets nicely. It's basically anything that contains LOL or !!!!!! or DUUUDE, i.e. every YouTube comment.

Someday, my friends…someday.