Vagabonds, bums, and drop-outs

I don't know much about this collection of photographs, but when I first glanced at them, I thought for a moment it was a fashion shoot for one of those tasteless, 'heroin chic'-like departures by Ralph Lauren or Guess or whoever.

These are real down-and-outs, hobos, call them what you will. The settings are so timeless, you wonder if some of these are from the Great Depression, though they could be from last week.

Music seems to play a large part in their lives, homegrown, real music. More so than in most modern, affluent lifestyles. I particularly like the Frankenstein guitar in the photo above–a built in bullhorn amp with battery, nice!

There is a look of defiance, of rebelliousness, and somehow wistfulness in their eyes. They don't have what we have, but I think we might just be missing out on something too.

See for yourself.

42 photographs of American vagabonds