Palin's great success as Hockey Mom

Palin's great success as Hockey Mom


Sarah Palin's oft repeated Hockey Mom label makes her just as folksy as can be, and was gleefully seized by the GOP to sell the lipstick barracuda to Joe Sixpack and Sally Homemaker.

'She's one of us,' they imagined, 'wholesome, family-orientated, God-fearing and honest.' And maybe she is like them.

What do you think Joe Sixpack would say if some of these facts were unearthed about Palin's rival Barack Obama?

  1. He owes a lot of back taxes from undeclared income
  2. He has smoked pot but does not support legalisation
  3. His teenage daughter is pregnant at 17 (following abstinence only education)
  4. His son was caught dealing drugs and chose to enlist in the army instead of standing trial

Joe and Sally wouldn't be very impressed. But you've guessed it, those are really Palin facts.

But I'm not knocking her for having these difficulties/crises. Most families I know in the States have some sort of turmoil like this in their past. And a startling number of my honest hard-working American friends have been to jail for some reason in the past (all the interesting people have!).

It's a criminalisation/incarceration culture, an incredible 1 in 32 Americans are under correctional supervision, and if you're black you have a 1 in 3 chance of spending at least some time in a U.S. jail.

No, the real problem I have with Palin is her egregious hypocrisy: Why is she so full of certainty? No great intellectual or statesman I can think of was ever that certain of anything–times change, new facts come to light, arguments persuade, and a re-assessment inevitably occurs.

It is her unquestioning self-belief that bothers me, that somehow she seems to know just what is best for everyone else, yet as someone who has seen her fair share of serious judgement errors occur right within her very own family, she should know better.

The idea that she thinks she is treading a divine and perfect path seems utterly delusional at best, psychotic at worst.