It's just a triangle–or is it?

I was watching Jordan Maxwell lecture about the Illuminati and their ilk, with emphasis on pagan symbolism, and I jumped at the mention of the Star of David being linked with the planet Saturn. The members of the so-called 'Saturnalian Brotherhood' are of course the secret rulers of the world, a bit like David Icke's Reptoids.

Well anyhoo, the reason I was surprised when I heard that Saturn was traditionally depicted using the ancient symbol of the Star of David (a Phonecian/Canaanite hexagram) is this: NASA's Cassini mission recently discovered a bizarre hexagram imaged on Saturn.

That right folks, we've only just discovered it. How on Earth did anyone know about it 5,000 years ago? It reminds me of the Dogon tribe in Mali who have had sacred rituals since time immemorial which seem to display impossible knowledge of the Sirius star system.

One theory says that there is a store of ancient (and seemingly future) knowledge spread across the globe by a defunct civilization at least as sophisticated as our own. Graham Hancock argues for their existence throughout all his works, and most convincingly in his book Fingerprints of the Gods. It is not a crackpot conspiracy invention (like say the Reptile thing) but a genuine scholarly work. I can heartily recommend it to anyone with an interest in history.

For example, here's something I learned from Hancock: The pyramids are not Egyptian tombs. No mummies, treasures, hieroglyphics, or artifacts of any kind were ever found in any of the Pyramids of Giza–all the museum stuff comes from the Valley of Kings, a pretty ordinary style (if enormously wealthy) burial ground. The pyramids are older than 'Egyptian' culture, in fact there is nothing to link them with any known human culture. We still don't know who built them or why.

It is infuriating to read of the rigidness of Egyptologists who describe any non-standard explanation of the pyramids existence as mere 'speculation,' while neglecting to mention that their own well-rehearsed story is based on almost no evidence at all.

If that doesn't get you going, you're dead from the neck up.

(Of course the Star of David could be seen as two intersecting pyramids if you're into that kind of thing…)