The (lame) McGyver Mystery

Did McGyver use a Wenger or a Victorinox? Both sell Swiss Army Knives (one advertises as the Genuine, and one as the Original). They're both owned by the same company these days, so it hardly matters, but back in 1985 when I was slicing my thumb open with a Victorinox, it seemed crucial to have the exact model.

My model, the Swiss Champ [pictured above], would appear to be the closest to Mac's weapon of choice, but no-one seems to know for sure. The Explorer, Executive, Sportsman, Climber, and Tinker(?!) models are all claimants to the title. He apparently used different models in different episodes.

It often seemed like this was the kind of knife he carried:

Well, if you'd like to dress up like McGyver for Halloween, try here.

And if you really have nothing but time to kill…here's the list of Problems Solved by McGyver.


Mine is the episode where he 'creates a rocket-propelled flare out of bamboo, fertilizer, matches, a strip of cloth, a small tin can, a thin metal rod, a funnel, and a wooden spoon.'

Though in the very next episode he 'destroys a building with a propane tank, a grindstone, and some ball bearings.'

Hmm, tough call.