Randi spanks psychic healer but good!

I just love this veteran crusader. In this clip, the invincible James Randi shows up creepy New Age fraud Kem Yuen as he twitches his hand in magic spastic motions in the general direction of sick people.

Yuen is an Energy Healer who claims fantastic success in his private practice. So how do you think Yuen's '100% success rate' fares in a simple controlled test? That's right, he bites the big one and fails miserably.

The real kicker that had me vomiting in the corner happens in the last few seconds of the clip where we learn that despite Yeun being a demonstrable fraud:

'at least two of the five people in our story asked for his business card after the test.'

Oh my freaking Lord. That is the only paranormal event visible in this whole episode. Perhaps they bought Yeun's explanation that Energy Healing doesn't work if someone is blindfolded. Swampland in Florida!