You have been zinged, Sir!

Ecuador's economy is f**ked. Things can't get much worse.

So I say 'good on you,' President Correa for issuing this ultimatum to Bush. A simple quid pro quo, elegant and articulate, and unarguable: 'You want a base here in Ecuador?' he asks, 'Well, then we want one in Miami'.

Oh, how sweet it must have been for him to utter those words. I was over in Ecuador during the run up to the elections and there was a palpable anti-American–excuse me that's seen as a hijacked term–an anti-U.S. flavour to all the campaigns.

In my opinion, it's ever since the water issue in Bolivia (where water was privatised by S.F. based Bechtel, and collecting rainwater became illegal) came to a head that South America has decided to fight the power and talk back to the capitalists, globalists, foreign 'investors' (read pillagers), and meddling superpowers.

Talk like this certainly shows us up, as we still permit rendition and hostage transport through our airports (Baldonnell mostly) by a foreign power. But there's no chance Bertie will ever be Taoiseach of Ecuador; they're no longer a banana republic.