Drink, feck, girls

According to the Irish Times, the chaplain in TCD seems to think that Father Ted Crilly is 'an everyman type of character,' and his antics 'teach us an important lesson about spiritual love.'

He uses Ted in his sermons to connect with young people. While I applaud the attempt to modernise his material, I can't help but think he's way off the mark.

Those of you who have seen the show will be aware that in fact Ted is an abominable character. At various times we discover that he is a petty thief, a vain opportunist, and a lecherous liar–I needn't point out which episodes support this.

He's not a hero who is forced through adverse circumstances to do something distasteful and reluctantly become a villain.

The story arcs always demonstrate that he is clearly a villain who becomes a hero, falsely and utterly against his will.

If anything, the show just makes clear the pain and pointlessness of doing the right thing (belatedly).

It is funny though. This chaplain sounds exactly like Fr Trendy.