I just can't believe the price of this book!

About ten years ago I bought a copy of Alan Alford's Gods of the New Millennium in O'Mahony's bookshop on O'Connell Street. This was before the proliferation of charity bookshops made purchasing new books a laughable extravagance (3 for €5 versus €18.99 each?). I had read most of Von Daniken's books and a few more in the area of ancient astronauts–I just love all that stuff.

Alford's book was fascinating. He tied together the myths of Sumeria and the studies of Zecharia Sitchin to create a plausible, if fantastic (is that a contradiction?), biblical history of the fertile crescent, Ur, Mesopotamia, Chaldes, etc. With his theory, many of the oddities of the ancient scriptures and fables can be resolved by a simple narrative of competing visitors from space, or 'Gods.' It makes for great science fiction, but is still more likely than the standard reading of biblical events–what with the sun standing still and all that.

I had to leave the book behind when I moved house some years back, but I always intended on re-reading it. It was a £9.99 bulk paperback so I thought I'd run across a copy somewhere eventually. And here is one now:

Book Details

$562.13??? What kind of monster crack are they smoking in Hialeah, Florida? OK so this is an extreme example of the kind of prices I've found for the book, but still…? Why on earth is the book Gods of the New Millennium so valuable?

With a little (and I mean a little, I'm pretty lazy) digging I discovered the reason. Alford followed up this gem with several other atrociously absurd tomes, none of which had the elegance and clarity of his first effort. Not only that, but his subsequent efforts completely contradicted the premise of GOTNM. In fact, Alford disowned the work and thinks anyone who still gives it any credence is an idiot.

Unfortunately for people like me who enjoyed the playful romp of historical and biblical fancy, it turns out that the original book only had a run of 9,000 copies! Of which I owned exactly one. That's a pretty low number to spread across the entire western hemisphere. And he won't reprint it. I am doomed!

Let me know if you spot a copy of Gods at human prices.