Hacking the Rough Guide

This is the normal style series cover from a Rough Guide. Nice, clean fresh design. But very recognisable. When you finally make it to Chachabamba and find a zillion backpackers milling about staring at the same book, you feel a little sheepish.

Here's a quick way to disguise your dismal conformity with just the materials at hand. Take one standard three-fold airline ticker folder, this one is from LAN.

The inside probably looks like this (my one is now a bit ratty).

Tightly fold the edges to fit the book size, the inside left cover should fit snugly in the existing folder corner, like this, to give you a solid hold.

Wrap the rest of the folder around the book and voilà, in a pinch, you have successfully hidden your cookie-cutter holiday manual. It will end up looking kind of funky and cool if you stuff all your receipts, postcards, and other memorabilia into it as you go along. Just like these.

I guess you could just cover them before you leave home, or not use a guidebook at all and go native. What do you think?