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It's not often I get stumped by a simple question. Maybe you can answer this one.

The U.S. elections are a joke, this we know. For example, Diebold and other voting machines are clearly rigged. It's such common knowledge that even the mainstream network CNN ran a special about it.

If you still doubt this, you should watch the official court testimony of a software developer explaining the how/who/when of it.()

The 2000 and 2004 elections were obviously rigged.

Enough has been written already about the 'hanging chad' controversy and subsequent supreme court ruling of 2000, that their is no need to belabour story. The carefully non-partisan and independent National Opinion Research Center carried out a study of the Florida votes 'not to identify "winners," they cautioned, but' to 'assess the reliability of the voting systems.'

Needless to say, their research confirmed that Al Gore in fact 'won' the election. This is now undisputed (except by the 'contruct-your-own-reality' neo-cons). The Smithsonian is preserving the ballots for posterity.

Similarly Rolling Stone published a significant exposé two years ago called Was the 2004 Election Stolen? which put the question to bed soundly. If you're interested, Dr Stephen Freeman's conclusive analysis [pdf] of the 2004 exit polls makes for fascinating reading.

Now Rolling Stone (a 'music' magazine) have again struck out against voter fraud by publishing an article by Robert Kennedy Jr. which makes the (by now un-shocking) claim that the 2008 election is already stolen.

This is already patently clear to anyone with half an eye on the U.S. political scene.

The question (that my mother asked!) is: If he's really such a clever guy, why is Obama going through with this whole charade?

I'm stumped.

But I do have €40 on McCain to win, ahem, I mean to 'be declared the winner.' Though I will be very glad to lose that bet come November 4th, I remember only too well how I collected sadly my Bush-derived winnings of 2000 and 2004.


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