Put your ears where your mouth is

In relation to this post about expensive speaker cables, the news is good. The $7,800 pair of Pear's are now considered mere chicken scratch compared to the Transparent Opus Speaker Cables which retail for a whopping $43,000! Get out your checkbooks.

Incidentally, after initially accepting the JREF challenge, Adam Blake, CEO of Pear Cables has now withdrawn on pretty spurious grounds.

He calls the well-established, impeccably credentialed, and long-standing JREF $1M fund, 'your claimed challenge.' And then infuriatingly refers to 'your [JREF's] assertions regarding high-end audio cables.'

Their assertions? Their assertions?!?!? But you're the one selling 'sonic beauty without compare,' and baldly ASSERTING that 'anyone can appreciate the differences.' The JREF is merely pointing out that your [Pear's] assertions are utter and demonstrable horsesh*t–if only you'd turn up for, say, an afternoon and just listen to a Phil Collins CD on both setups?

Ok. Point taken. Steely Dan maybe…?

The sad thing is that even with all this sneering 'bad' publicity, Pear and Opus have increased their profile a thousandfold–people will buy their snake-oil anyway, just because it's expensive. Sigh.

By the way, I'm now charging €600 per page view of this blog–it will be deducted automatically from your PayPal account. Premier membership is still only €12,000.