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A fair fight

Barack Obama has faced down some of the most outrageous slurs, smears, distortions and lies of any political campaign in history.

Among these are claims that he

  • would be the first Muslim president.
  • is a socialist/Marxist
  • was not born in the U.S.A.
  • is a friend to terrorists
  • is racist

Among others, these claims are repeated and backed up by 'facts' and up to 170 citations on a right-wing website called Conservapedia.

It's designed for those who think that Wikipedia is full of liberal lies and propaganda, even though, as any Wiki editor knows whatever the facts a 'neutral point of view' is the most sacred tenet of all Wikidom. Just try altering McCain's entry and you'll find out fairly sharpish.

Conservapedia contains outlandish waffle on everything from kangaroo fossils to Copernicus, and all from a strong Christian fundamentalist perspective.

Just two sentences from the Obama entry should suffice.

Many observers have criticized Obama's campaign for its incivility. For instance, John McCain's wife Cindy noted that Obama is running "the dirtiest campaign in American history."

Cindy McCain is merely an 'observer' now?

Read it yourself: Barack Obama – Conservapedia