Allow yourself a moment to hope

Senator Barack ObamaMy recent coverage of the McCain/Palin nonsense which has been masquerading as political discourse may have struck some as overly pessimistic.

For that I apologise. While it's easy to focus on the glaring inaccuracies and horrid distortions of the Republican campaign, for some more open-hearted and tolerant folks the only real story here is Obama.

This week Colin Powell has called him a 'transformative figure' in an interview where he officially endorsed the candidate from the opposing party.

After miles of column inches and all the hyperbole and messianic prose surrounding Obama, this phrase struck me so apt that I wondered how it could have been so puzzlingly elusive before.

Powell's qualifications, his integrity and above all his sheer gravitas have put the final nails in 'Zombie' McCain's election coffin. Only James Earl Jones (if he were real) could have provided Obama with a more eloquent and moving endorsement.

So, despite my predictions of a McCain win through the usual GOP shenanigans, despite placing actual cash money on that odious outcome, and despite my eternal reservations against ever 'getting my hopes up,' I still managed to get a little misty-eyed today as I scrolled through a collection of excellent still photographs of Obama's lengthy campaign.

In other Obama news, it behoves you to hear his fantastic speech from the Alfred E Smith Foundation memorial dinner last week. The gloves are off as he finally gets a chance to respond–with humour–to all the dirty tricks and innuendos spewing from the other side.

Oh and Colbert and Stewart better look out too.

So let us just have this one moment away from the madness to wonder What If…?