For election coverage online I recommend...

For election coverage online I recommend…

Black is white

No doubt RTÉ, BBC and others will be providing us with special TV and radio reports on the U.S. elections but for the genuine immersive American experience, the internet is your best bet.

There are plenty of online talk shows but National Public Radio (NPR) should have the most sober discussions.

Those pranksters FOX News have an interactive map tracking votes as they come in, which will undoubtedly show whatever the McCain campaign decides may be useful.

The CNN map might be more trustworthy and there is plenty of information on their election centre.

You can see some limited live coverage on TV websites like MSNBC and ABC. But for Al-Jazeera, BBC, CSPAN, ABC, CNN and others I recommend Livestation.

This requires registration (simple email and password, no activation or fees) and a download but there are about 1,500 channels, at least 20 of which are worthwhile.

The video quality is excellent and the user interface is intuitive and minimal–just how I like it.

Also, please remember to keep your fingers crossed until the final tally is in. Of course, this could take three weeks and a supreme court hearing.