McCain concedes, Obama elected, World applauds

[04:30 am]

Yes, we did
Yes, we did
It's about time. We waited up long enough (eight years, actually).

He defied McCain/Palin, the GOP, Diebolt, history and the Bradley Effect. Obama is President-Elect. You could say: So what?

You could say the Democrats are almost identical to the Republicans. You could even say that it doesn't matter which figurehead is nominally in charge of the shadowy puppet-masters.

But you'd be cynical and you'd be wrong. Oh, it matters all right. Because the world loves Obama like he's Dr Martin Luther Fitzgerald Kennedy King Jr. And that counts for something.

For too long, we've been so critical of the U.S. that we have had to continually remind people that it's just their foreign policy we hate, or their economic policy, or it's GWB–not Americans themselves.

Now, we won't need to excuse ourselves any longer. We can just love America.

At least for a little while. No doubt things will settle down as reality kicks in and we find that nothing has really changed.

But for now, America, just as on the morning of September 12th 2001, the whole world is united behind you.

Bask in it. Enjoy it. But, please.

Don't waste it this time.