Election still hobbling along

Election still hobbling along

It's Obama Time
With 98% of electoral precincts reporting (and McCain having conceded), yes we know that Mr Obama is de facto President-Elect. But they've only just now called North Carolina for the Democrat, which puts him at 364 electoral college votes versus McCain's 173.

That may seem like a landslide to you, but it's only the popular vote that counts towards the semi-official 'landslide' description. And the split needs to be 55/45. Currently it's at 53/46 and it doesn't look like changing much at this stage.

There's only Missouri left now and it's worth 11 more electoral votes. If the final state goes to Obama his total will be 375.

Clinton only took 370 the first time out but he took 379 the last time.

Can we beat that in 2012? Why, yes, we can.

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