God works in Mystery, Alaska

Thanks, Electric Jesus
When times are bad, pray. When times are good, praise.

I'm always baffled by this logic. If something bad happens, it's God's will and we cannot know the mind of God. If something good happens, why then everyone seems to know exactly what God was thinking.

"Barack Obama stood against the fierce tide of history and achieved the unimaginable," he said. "But he did not get here by himself. Give God some credit. He is the Lord."

If I was Obama I'd be pretty annoyed that a mysterious, unknowable, random, superstitious force was getting the credit for my industry.

It's about time people faced the fact that God is imaginary. This provides a simple explanation for why good/bad things happen in equal profusion.

In addition to this, Sarah Palin was certain that God would 'do the right thing' and get her elected. Her supporters are probably saying 'It was God's will–and He works in mysterious ways.'

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