Zzz…er, whassat, Captain?


Years ago I picked up a copy of The Nitpickers Guide for Classic Trekkers by Phil Ferrand, the fourth book in his very successful series. This is a blow-by-blow guide to Star Trek TOS (The Original Series with Kirk, Spock, et al.) and it includes an exhaustive list of goofs, bloopers, equipment oddities, and plot holes. Love it.

For example, we find out in The Way to Eden that in fact…

…the stolen vessel is a Tholian vessel flipped around with the engine nacelles attached…

Or we find that the gold-shirted biologist De Salle from This Side of Paradise suddenly became a red-shirted assistant chief engineer in Catspaw.

Or in I, Mudd (the one with twins playing hundreds of identical robot women) the credits, just to be cute, list one actress as playing "Alice #1-250", and the other "Alice #251-500." However, in a scene towards the end we see Alice #3 standing side-by-side with Alice #11! Picky, picky, picky.

Or try these statistics:- Number of times Kirk's shirt is torn: seven. Number of times Uhuru is thrown from her chair: nine.

But my favourite tidbit was from an episode called Where No Man Has Gone Before, actually the series' second pilot. He we discover:

During the last scene of the episode the communications officer looks like he's asleep at his post! Did he have too much stress over the past few days?

I laughed heartily reading the description, but it would be 12 years until I finally came across the offending chapter; i.e. I recently downloaded the full series. And here for you, my friends, is a screen capture of the very moment referenced above.