Bergerac turns in his grave

Bergerac turns in his grave

Every one a coconut
Remember the reports about the former children's home in Jersey? Gruesome dungeons of torture and death? I guess we were all eager for a fresh fix of Fritzl frighteners.

Haut de la Garennne seemed the perfect setting for nefarious acts of murder most foul. Movies like Nicole Kidman's The Others, House on Haunted Hill, and the Devil's Backbone all sprang immediately to mind.

It now appears that the forensic team were a little over-zealous and a little under-clever. Hidden amongst other embarrassments is the revelation that one item of evidence thought to be part of child's skull turned out to be a coconut.


The local keystone cops should expect suspensions, inquiries and dismissals galore, as John Nettles reads the paper in Midsomer and slowly shakes his head.

Frikkin' coconuts?? Are you kidding me?


Jersey police claims discredited and other reports.