PROMO: Half Arsed (Half Man) Half Biscuit

Tribute to HMHB this Saturday night (15 Nov) Upstairs in Dolan's. A must-see. From the publicity material:

You'll probably not see as curious a tribute band as Half Arsed Half Biscuit. U2, Rolling Stones and Eagles tributes probably spring up because someone reckons there's a few bob in it. But Half Man Half Biscuit?

Half Man Half Biscuit are unlike any other band you have ever heard. They are funny – achingly funny. BBCs Andy Kershaw wasn't being at all sensationalist when he described Half Man Half Biscuit as "the most authentic English folk group since The Clash". Nor was the late John Peel who once said of them: They are a national treasure and when I die I want to be buried with them.
References in their songs run from 1960s children's television to East European football clubs to obscure indie bands to George Orwell to hymns (they sometimes 'borrow' their tunes) to AE Houseman to football commentators to Thomas Hardy….and, of course….snooker referees – often in the same song.

Half Man Half Biscuit, often abbreviated to "HMHB", zoomed into (and swiftly out of) the limelight back in the mid 80's when 'Back In The DHSS' their debut LP recorded for under forty quid became the U.K.s biggest selling independent release of 1986. Then on the cusp of mega-stardom (whatever that is) they walked away from rock'n'roll, perhaps feeling they'd made their point.

Thankfully their retirement was not to last. They reformed some years later and have gone on to record 11 studio albums. Still staunchly independent in outlook and practice they rarely give interviews, don't engage in any conventional promotion of their work, refuse to tour in fact rarely appear live and NEVER outside Britain. No Planes, No boats, No hotels.

That's pretty much where Half ARSED Half Biscuit, their Irish tribute, come in.


Half ARSED Half Biscuit came into being when Irish HMHB fans decided to bring some of the most under-exposed tunes in Rock'n'Roll to Irish audiences. Themselves now eschewing the Holyhead ferry and the Airports, they have resolved to make their own fun here at home. Their set covers all the bases of Half Man Half Biscuits back catalogue from 1985's Back In The D.H.S.S. to 2008's CSI:Ambleside and everything in between.