A Tuesday Blue query

A Tuesday Blue query

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This chap has a request. Can we help him out?

Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you could help….came across the Limerick band archive via a Romanian blog I picked up on when googling Tuesday Blue – is it true they released an album called "Waiting for the magic" in 2002 – cause if so I would give my left testicle to get my hands on it – any ideas on how  i could track down ?

The blog he mentions is probably Saltyka (TB stuff is about a third of the way down) and it contains much information ripped from our LBA site, but hey that's ok; we like to share.

It also includes a link to download the entire Shibumi album for free so let's hope the boys like to share too.

If you wish to purchase the original Tunnel Vision 12" (99p) and Shibumi ($4) on vinyl you may do so at Discogs. Amazon still has a few CD and cassette copies.

I have discovered that the elusive Waiting for the Magic has this track listing

  1. Waiting For The Magic
  2. Young Girls
  3. Don't Go Away
  4. Stop Thinking
  5. Golden Girl
  6. Inner Light
  7. Lucy
  8. The Veil
  9. Legionnaire

But other than that, I can't seem to find any trace of it. I suppose I could just phone Dave Keary but before we start bothering people at home, let's try the usual channels. A little assistance please?

As promised above, the winner will receive a left testicle–slightly worn.