Feet of Flames (not Flatley)

Too much?
the fireman
It's always gratifying to see a carefully constructed theory borne out by practical experiment.

It's even more fun when the same event sees psychic aura mumbo-jumbo crashing and burning (literally).

Firewalking enthusiasts often claim that a 'spiritual trance' protects them from getting burned, not boring details about conductivity and thermal energy.

If these simple laws of physics are irrelevant to firewalking there's a very simple test that could blow them out of the water. Simply walk on 1600-degree steel.

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For the last time people, when you see something you don't quite understand, like firewalking, do some research, learn some physics, formulate a hypothesis based on known facts. That's how science works.

Whatever you do, do not pull crazy BS ideas about auras out of your ass. You will get burned.

You may think, however, that science was called into question by Scott Bell's record breaking firewalk of 328 feet in China, but his success was due to weeks of careful scientific planning–not spiritual preparation.

In the video you can clearly see that, while there are flames all around him, on his patted down path the charcoal is at optimum density and temperature.

Don't try this at home kids.