Easter Eggs and in-jokes

In homage to Bock's ode to the CBS, I thought I'd throw in a quick self-referential number myself.

Computer manuals and how-to books are often littered with gems like this:

'recursive loop See recursive loop'

from index of 'Borland Pascal with Objects 7.0: Language Guide'
(Borland International, 1992)

Oh, how we guffawed at that one…

Even more intriguing is the Easter Egg concept, popularised nowadays by the hidden extra features which appear in retail DVDs. For example, in the Shrek Special Edition:

'Go to the special features section on either disk and highlight main menu. From here press UP and the Gingerbread Man's gum drop buttons are highlighted. Press ENTER and Shrek will pop up and give you meaningless info about the movie. Keep selecting the buttons over and over to see all of the facts.'

Pretty lame, eh?

But if you want to see the nerdiest Easter Egg challenge of all it has to be the one from 'Advanced CORBA Programming with C.' In this contest the stringified IORs could be decoded, turning X-face strings into X-11 bmp to produce a picture like this:

Many hints had to be dropped before someone finally figured it out. The complete details are here. Not for the faint of heart.