The comedy of Louis CK

Ever since I came across the comedy of Louis CK I've been more and more impressed with the development of his style. He is perfecting the art of being likeable while saying the most outrageous things.

There are a great many clips of his available on YouTube. From a bitty set of his in 2004 (with the original piece on kids asking 'why?'), to longer themes in a 2006 set (on sucking a 'bag of dicks'), to his polished TV special 'Chewed Up' of 2008 (where we discover deers are assholes).

My favourite is from five years ago where he performed a purposely offensive (and hilarious) set in a New York club which to me appears mostly improvised. He seems to have prepared four or five loathsome lines which he then challenged himself to 'get out of.'

  • I f**ked all your mothers.
  • What do [terrorists] do that's so bad? Kill people, so what?
  • I'd rape Hitler.

I think he was just trying out a few crazy ideas, since he never performed these 'jokes' again. Which actually makes it kind of special.