Earning their money

I see Minister O'Dea has stepped up from merely defending the recent pay hikes for TDs, to now suggesting that they should by rights have been even higher (see today's Irish Times, p6).

On a different note, I wonder if those fine folks over in the Texas legislature have gotten any pay increases recently? Well, it seems like it wouldn't be hard for them to organise a vote for it. Just witness the disgusting voting patterns in this news segment.

These childish games of who can press the most buttons fastest finds some people voting four or more times. It makes you think about all the other shenanigans that go on behind closed doors.

Of course our noble representatives would never behave in anything less than a statesmanlike manner.

I think the most irritating thing is how the CC John O'Donaghue begins the sentence 'I will remind the deppity' (in OCD-style) eight times in a row.