I can't even watch Pierce Brosnan (but this…?)

(Not for the faint of heart: some of the links are NSFW and/or shocking.)

Have you got a tattoo? Many people do these days, it's the modern equivalent of a rebellious haircut (that never grows out).

Do you have a piercing? Ears have been acceptable for decades, noses still a little odd, tongues and nipples etc, will have a longer wait before they become humdrum and boring.

Are you into scarification? Body sculpture by artificial means? For the curious, there's a neat top ten list of the most interesting augmented humans.

Those of us up on our sub-cultures will recognise Leppard, Cat and Lizard from various freak sites on the net, but the other entrants are notable too.

However, above all these show-offs, and inexcusably missing from the list, are the identical twins Ryan and Dave who perform bizarre surgical operations on each other to add and subtract their body parts.

For example, Dave amputated his own arm and grafted it onto Ryan's torso.

Not kidding.

I realise we live in a post-modern, anthropologically sensitive, non-judgemental world where a fellah can pierce his knob a few times if he wants to without anyone complaining, but these guys are on a whole new level.

I've seen the guy who made his balls the size of watermelons through silicone injection and felt sorry for the other chap who sports enormous balls not by choice but circumstance.

But these twins? Grafting fingers from one to the other?? It's tempting to say it's just plain wrong, but then I'd have to think of a reason why. I suppose all freedoms have their extremes at both ends of the range.

There are those who refuse blood transfusion because of religious beliefs, and those who want to be as 'happy as a dog with two mickeys.'

Is there any point in condemning nullification as a wrongful practice? Is it a symptom of our society's breakdown? Will it be as common as dental work in 100 years? Will a three-legged man be the next step:

Isle of Man, official crest

Your guess is as good as mine. But after seeing all this 'pimp-my-ride' stuff, I feel happier than ever with my standard issue equipment. Any other reactions?