Bonfire of the Inanities

Embarrassingly, I was involved in this conversation. It doesn't matter which half.

How's things?

Grand. Tipping away.

All ready for the Christmas?

Haven't really started yet.

It'll really get going next week. Any plans?

Same as ever. The usual.

Better run, good luck with all that.

I'll keep an eye out…(?!)

What is it about Christmas that promotes this type of Beckett dialogue? Are we so incapable of articulating an interesting thought? Must we speak even if there's nothing to say?

My example is quite vapid, but for a few chuckles, head across to Overheard Lines for gems like this:

(Wrong Woman Asks Wrong Woman About Wrong Woman)

Woman 1: "I can't believe that Mary Matalin is going to marry James Carville."

Woman 2: "You mean Marlee Matlin, the actress that's deaf?"

Woman 1: "No Mary Matalin, the Repulican Campaign manager. (To Woman 3) Hey, do you know who Mary Matalin is?"

Woman 3: "You mean Jesus' mother?"

There's an old saying scientists use for this: Not Even Wrong.