Darwin's Dream Job?

If I were to combine my gigantic detestation of all forms of psychic codology with my new found love of real estate development, I might come up with this as the Ideal Job: Buying haunted houses for a pittance, then debunking them for immediate resale at market rates.

Love it.

A 5-storey building in China passed through four owners in ten years due to a 'haunting' problem. Well, as should be common knowledge, there are no such things as ghosts so two enterprising brothers decided to buy the property and find out what the real problem was.

It turns out a large family of catfish had been breeding in the toilets (yuck!), causing the pipes to bang around a bit–it's amazing how many people immediately attributed these noises to 'ghosts'.

The way I see it, they could have dropped the catfish in the toilets themselves to debunk the haunted house and still sold it on with a clear conscience. Because there simply is no such thing as a ghost–common sense and practical life experience tells us that.

Of course if you're frightened and it's really dark, your mind will start to see all sorts of things, but that doesn't make them real. Our minds play the most amazing games with reality all the time.

What I'm saying is don't assume everything is supernatural just because you haven't bothered looking for the catfish in the toilet yet.

Now I'm off Googling 'haunted house for sale.'