Regarding The Author


Darwin is (sometimes) a Limerick-based musician, radio broadcaster, and computer consultant. The opinions expressed herein are the exclusive property of the author (me), and are frequently misguided.


I work mostly as a freelance musician–in any genre that will pay. I also moonlight as a radio presenter for the premier music and arts channel of Ireland's national public service broadcaster. That's their official terminology, not mine.

Very occasionally, I will perform software surgery for corporate clients–like when there's a big phone bill or something. None of these occupations burns enough of my free time, that's why I'm here. (Why aren't you working?)

The articles are posted purely for my own amazement, and that of a small coterie of flatterers. We welcome lively debate (but don't see that much of it).

This site was nominated as Best Newcomer in the 2008 Irish Blog Awards (which is not as difficult as it sounds).

As to our banner, the year 1995 was when I started publishing web content–but not here. So sue me.

I use the Oxford comma, lean towards minimalism; and yes, I look just like my picture.

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